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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad Software Should be Penalized

I have just spent the last hour trying various workarounds and chasing technical support forum posts only to find out that the software I have does not work on 64-bit Vista.

First, Microsoft should be ashamed of Vista -- and I know they are, hence Windows 7.
Second, this other company, which at the moment shall remain nameless even though they don't deserve the protection, should be heavily penalized MONETARILY by some governing body for having released software that purposefully will not run on existing operating systems. "Not designed to run on Vista 64-bit." !!!!!

Come on, kids. This isn't 1980, when personal computers were new and shiny, and we hardly knew what to do with them. Software now should install flawlessly, and not need the user to outsmart the developers. ESPECIALLY something that was released long after Vista was on the market and its source code available to its developer network. And a lackadaisical technical support program which requires the user to pay for a solution to a bad software install is even more objectionable!

Solution: Hire yourselves a technical communicator who won't let you get away with that kind of user contempt. And listen to them when they tell you the product doesn't work. Then dang well FIX IT before you release it.

Now you know why Open Source software is becoming so popular.


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