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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Activism in the Connected Age

In my other blog, Mind Over Matter, I have recently written about the Connected Age, the age in which we are now living. Not only are we all connected to each other, via the Interwebs, social media, family ties, etc., but we are connected to the Earth, our environment, and to the history and future of our planet.

Communication connects us, and indeed one might say that this is the heyday of communication technology. In the 1960s we were awed at the power of satellites to connect us, and prior to that the Trans-Atlantic Cable, and even the telegraph and mail. Now, with the flick of a finger on an iPhone or iPad, a couple of quick thumb movements, or even a voice command we can be in touch with anyone anywhere.

This near-instant connection should be making us realize how intertwined we all are as well. What affects one inevitably affects another. In any system, adjustment to one part of the system affects all other parts of the system. We are seeing that now with global warming and climate change. Many parts of our Earth system are being affected by the adjustments to air quality and the ozone layer.

More profoundly, however, is how those environmental changes affect the family of Man. With connection comes responsibility: to each other and to our shared environment. Just as we cannot stand idly by while the Earth writhes in pain around us, neither can we do nothing when our fellow human beings are suffering.

There are causes of injustice at home as well as abroad that need our attention. There are diseases of acute nature destroying families elsewhere in the world because of something as simple as the desperate need for clean drinking water.

From s/he to whom much is given, much is required, the adage goes.

If you are blessed with even a little prosperity, some knowledge, some sharable skills, or the means to encourage others to engage in making the world a better place, don't hold back. Among your Tweets and status statements, share news of what you have done lately to improve something or someone. If you haven't got that kind of news, make some.

Let's use our connections to leverage our power to engage in that alchemy spoken of a few posts ago. Let's show each other how easy it is to make something or someone else better. "Be actively engaged in a good cause" no matter what it is or where you are located.

We are all connected, and what benefits one will ultimately benefit all.


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